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'American Idol': Performances going downhill

Caleb Johnson finalist on American Idol
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Last night on “American Idol” with only 7 contestants left in the competition and the performances expected to leave everyone speechless, in reality were disappointing and lacking in tenacity. Jena, is perhaps the only one who can feel safe tonight, other than that any one of the remaining 6 can easily go home.

The idols got to pick songs that they felt their fellow contestants should perform, the choices and subsequent renditions left a sour taste in the viewers’ mouths. Sam with his lack of connection with the audience and stage presence is definitely on the brink of going home, Alex, as well from time to time displays vocals worthy of recognition, however, does not have that charisma that would draw audiences to watch him perform. Jessica, indeed has a fascinating voice, last night though tried too hard to own the stage and instead wound up looking uncomfortable and her kneeling before the guitar player was beyond corny and unnatural. Caleb, who has the voice and stage presence to fill up just about any arena, came short last night with a lackluster performance. CJ’s performance was romantic, but too safe for this time in the competition, and Dexter just does not have the look of one who could be called “American Idol”.

Tonight America’s votes will be tallied and whomever is sent home will have to realize that it was their own undoing for not taking control of their destiny and performing as though their lives depend from it because in reality, this is a life changing competition for a future that they all wish to have, but in order to own they must grab a hold of all their passion and perform as though nothing else exists or matters.

“American Idol” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT and Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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