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'American Idol:' Idols perform songs requested by fans

The performances last night on “American Idol” from the top 5 artists were intense and unique in their own way. The theme last night for song choices was Idol Request; viewers sent the names of songs they would like to have their favorite idol perform. Alex opened the show with a mellow performance; such as he is known for and received praise from the judges, although some suggestions were made regarding his stage presence and need to engage the audience. Next up was Caleb, who was criticized for looking too much into the camera rather than the audience; his song was “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”, original by Steven Tyler. And Caleb put his own touches on the melody, however, there is a preconceived expectation with certain melodies that are popular and viewers expect renditions of this to be as close to the original as possible, and Caleb turned this rocking anthem into somewhat of a ballad and it was not his best performance.

The Rocker
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jessica was next in the lineup and her vocals were fascinating as usual; however, she does not own the stage and it seems that the place is about to swallow her whole, but again her voice saves her. Then it was Sam’s turn, and yes, we hear it every week that he is very shy and that girls love him, but viewers are not glued to their television sets week after week for such shenanigans, this is a singing competition and anything less is unacceptable, last night Sam tried to loosen up and “get funky”, but he was unsuccessful and he seems to uncomfortable is his own skin that such comes through to the television set and renders his performances exhausting.

Jena’s performances were spectacular, she has loosen up and owns the stage without giving it a second thought and draws the audience over, she is a fascinating performer that most definitely will go far in the music industry. Caleb then close the night with the song “Still Of The Night” by Whitesnake and he just rocked the house and blew the roof top off, he engages the band, it was a rendition that brought everyone to their feet and whether you are a Caleb fan or not, credit must be given to his out of this world performance.

“American Idol” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT and Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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