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American Idol- Hollywood auditions

American Idol Season 9/ photo
American Idol season 9/

 Last nights American Idol’s auditions took place in it’s filming location of Los Angeles, with guest judges like Avril Lavigne, and happily newly engaged Katy Perry

10,000 Angelinos lined up at the famed Rose Bowl to deliver an array of interesting auditions, but the judges were quick to move on to the real talent in hopes of making their choices shine above all the contestants that failed to impress them. 
After watching the show in its entirety it was a welcomed change when 28-year-old single mother, Mary Powers entered and brought with her some talent. Although her rock and roll appearance made it predictable as to what would


be her genre, when she sang Pat Benatar’s ‘We are young’ it was clear that she definitely had the ability to deliver. 

Simon said she had a “really good voice” despite saying that everything about her was “clichéd.” Randy liked the rocker, complementing her with “little girl huge voice.” Receiving a definite yes from each of the judges, she is well on her way.

 The other contestant that brought a smile to the four judges on day two was Andrew Garcia, from Compton. The son of former gang members who eventually left Compton in hopes of getting their children out of the gang infested town, providing more opportunities and a better life, pleasantly surprised the judges especially Simon, who said “I like you.”

 Aside from the bickering and catfights between singer-songwriter and producer, Kara DioGuardi and Katy Perry, the evening ended with it’s usual highs and lows. So far, it promises to be an interesting ninth season for American Idol.

 In case you missed it, watch the clip below for a recap! 


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