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American Idol holds first Twitter Party for Season XIII

Natalie Nichols and the American Idol TweetHearts with Hannry Connick Jr.
Natalie Nichols and the American Idol TweetHearts with Hannry Connick Jr.
Natalie Nichols Facebook Page

American Idol teamed up with a group of women who have come to be known as the Idol Tweethearts to put on a Twitter party Monday, January 13, 2014. I was lucky enough to have been invited by American Idol to be one of the women flown to Los Angeles, provided lodging and given an all access tour of the filming of the show during Hollywood Week. When we learned that American Idol was going to allow us to host the first ever Idol Pre Party, the social networks were abuzz.

The Twitter party was promoted using the hashtags #IdolPreParty and #IdolTweethearts. We were told that there would be prizes during the event, known as “swag bags.” However after the event the bulk of the Idol Tweethearts were informed that the few women who planned the Twitter party had decided not to give the prizes away and instead to extend the window for entry.

If you attended the Twitter party and planned to win a prize or forgot to put in an entry you still have time to do so.

New American Idol judge Harry Connick, Jr. was an active participant of the group chat. He was joined by Supervising Producer Patrick Lynn and Musical Director Michael Orland. The trio took questions from fans for an hour of fast-paced excitement. Fans primarily wanted to know what Harry Connick, Jr. would be bringing to the table this year. They asked him how he liked working with Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez. Connick was true to his comedic deliveries which will be a staple on the program.

“YESSS!!! she is in trouble!!! I’ve been shopping for heels all morning!” Harry replied in response to a question asking whether he planned to give Jennifer Lopez a run for her money with his fashion sense.

Harry was asked if he was the jokester on the judging panel and the fan wanted to know if viewers should expect the unexpected. His response was, “expect EXACTLY that!!! it’s gonna be WIIIILD…” And I think it’s safe to say that American Idol fans are WIIIILD about Harry!

Music Director Michael Orland was asked whether the songs contestants sing ever makes him emotional and he answered, “Many times – music does that to me. Combine that with getting so close to contestants and it can’t be helped.”

Supervising Producer Patrick Lynn told fans that the one thing that he had learned from the contestants through the years was patience. Given the ages of most of the contestants and the amount of stress they are under during the competition it is no wonder that Lynn has had to learn to have patience with them.

What a blessing the judges, production team and crew have to be a part of the lives of these talented young people at such an exciting time in their life. This season is sure to take us all on a roller coaster of emotions. The underlying theme that I’ve seen in both official promos for the show and through my own firsthand experience of a lifetime is one of a rebirth.

It is the American Idol that you’ve come to know and love.

But there has been a conscientious effort to give fans exactly what they want from American Idol. They reached out to the women like me, the Idol Tweethearts. They are holding Twitter parties so that you can get a glimpse into the people behind the magic.

American Idol put on what they called an “Idol Blitz” where several past contestants and the new judging panel were all given timeslots in which they would spend a designated time frame on Facebook and fans would be allowed to pose questions to them.

This year it is all about the audience taking ownership of American Idol. It is after all right there in the title. America votes for the winner. So it is only fitting that the powers that be have seen fit to do everything they could to share the ride with America. Buckle your seatbelts! Be sure to tune in to Season XIII for the two night premiere Wednesday January 15th and Thursday January 16th at 8/7c on your local FOX affiliate.

In the famed words of the beloved host, Ryan Seacrest, “THIS…is AMERICAN IDOL!!!”

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