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'American Idol': Fox reality show responds to political opposition

'American Idol' remains a cultural touchstone and this still-popular reality show's top contestants are set to sing for the lives of all who they represent.

The last person standing will be crowned champion this May on Fox. That result will be cheered by a majority of the audience, while other elements within the voting population will attempt to diminish whoever the winner is because of their own politically-inspired agenda.

A segment of society within the United States has been taught to demean success and to falsely believe that all who earn it have somehow cheated their way to the top. That use of emotional logic contrasts with what the American way of life is supposed to be all about and is often based upon a personal reaction to who the perceived “winner” is.

Those who believe that they know which side of the political spectrum was just referenced chose to write their own story between those digital lines. A person's own experiences creates perceptions and resulting judgments about this world.

Each of the three judges (Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr.), mentor Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest are paid millions of dollars to play their part in this show. They have “made it”, which is, or should be, the point of most careers. Their collective example should be admired and aspired to, which represents the pure opinion of the person whose name leads this piece.

The current crop of previously unknown singers are vying to win a singing contest that is based upon a popular vote. Each person has proven, with all subjective opinion accounted for, to be better than tens of thousands of rivals across the United States. The results of the public test they're currently taking will create an opportunity, though not a guarantee, to make a living in the music industry.

This particular show, which was born through Britain's 'Pop Idol', reflects modern American culture and the broad range of emotional reactions to all that concept implies.

An open, though never perfect, society is filled with different people. Each of those human beings are experts on one complex subject, their own lives. However, some within the population seem to reject that obvious reality.

People who choose to cheer, sneer or ignore this iconic show are actually revealing their own souls. Meanwhile, talent, resilience and honesty are offered to all through every song.

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