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'American Idol' death note from Josh Gracin has fans concerned

Josh Gracin
Josh Gracin
Photo by Rick Diamond

"American Idol" star Josh Gracin really concerned his fans. On Friday, Inquistr shared about what happened with this reality TV star. Josh posted a note on Facebook that actually sounded like a suicide note. It was really scary and had everyone worried about him a lot.

TMZ shared the note, which said "I've loved her for 17 years ... I made mistakes ... I admitted them, told her the truth and she turned her back on me when I needed her help the most ... I love you all .. You have given me the greatest gift. You allowed me to touch your hearts with what I loved to do the most ... Please remember me as someone who gave his all in his music ... Pray for my family as they carry on in this world without me. Goodbye." Police were able to make contact with Josh and he was just fine. Luckily it sounds like he was found in time.

After he was found, his manager went to Facebook and said, "Good evening everyone. This is Josh's manager, Amy. First, thank you everyone for your prayers and concern. Josh is safe and with his family now. We ask that you please respect their privacy during this time and continue sending your well wishes. I promise to update you soon."

Josh Gracin is a former Marine and was on "American Idol." He has continued with his music since he was on the show and things have seemed like they were really good for him. Right now Josh is being watched carefully and hopefully everything turns out okay for this singer and reality TV star. Fans are posting all over social networks how they are sending prayers his way.

Update: Josh has checked into a facility for help.