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American Idol chooses the best judging panel ever

American Idol 2013 Judges
American Idol 2013 Judges

After 12 seasons of the same hilarious auditions, heart-wrenching personal stories and emotional victories, American Idol has once again revamped itself.

Idol Judges

The judging panel had major issues last season. Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and veteran judge Randy Jackson just couldn't hold it together. From the auditions to the finals, Carey and Minaj had it out for each other, leaving Urban and Jackson to fend for themselves. All has changed in the world of Idol for this coming season. Previous judge Jennifer Lopez is making her way back to the judges table, joining Urban -- who surprisingly decided to stay -- and rounding out the table is veteran Idol mentor and fan favorite, Harry Connick, Jr. A fourth judge has always been so unnecessary.

Not only is this judging panel incredibly easy on the eyes -- no more colorful Minaj wigs -- but they're all very insightful in the music industry. Although not many give JLo credit for her vocals, she is undoubtedly one of the most successful female pop artists. She made the transition from dancer, to actor, to singer, to businesswoman very smoothly and has been at the top since she's started. Urban proved himself last season, showing voters that he definitely knows a thing or two about pitch and music. Connick, Jr. is all things charming, adorable and an incredibly talented musician -- and actor.

These three have the credentials, the personality and I'm just about certain there will be no chemistry issues. Last season, Connick, Jr. showed that he can be brutally honest all while keeping the respect with the contestants. You don't have to sugar coat everything to keep someone's spirits up. Hopefully the season won't be focusing on what gender they want the winner to be and more on who the most talented artists are. And don't worry dawg-pound fans, Jackson will remain on the show as a mentor.

I, for one, am incredibly excited for the new season to start in January. Will you be tuning in after last season's failed attempt?