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‘American Idol’ celebrates 500th show; fans celebrate popular reality show

Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Ryan Seacrest will say the famous words, “This ‘American Idol’” for the 500th time on Wednesday night. It’s hard to believe but after years of cranking out music, the show is having a massive milestone in Hollywood and once again showcasing talent. According to Los Angeles Times on Friday, the 500-episode mark is happening for the FOX series and it is impressive for any show, especially a reality show.

There hasn't been word if “American Idol” will be popping the corks off a couple of bottles of some fine wine or if the milestone will be low key, but the fans are excited. Knowing that the formula for success has played out year after year, viewers have looked forward to seeing the contestants hit the stage.

There has been plenty of new life infused for the latest season. A beautiful new set, strong judges and contestants who are willing to sing week after week for the chance to win the top prize. Sounding good the individuals this year really have some amazing talent.

While the show is hardly an infant in the world of reality competition, the singing will continue. E! News is reporting that the reality singing competition was picked up for another season, so once a winner has been chosen the cast and crew will head out once again for another round of searching for singing talent. The announcement from FOX has fans already wondering about who might hit the stage and what options might be available for the winner this year.

For fans who have been along for the entire ride, congratulations to you for having the patience with the show to keep on watching. Following all the judges, drama and the music, there has been plenty of interesting twists and turns. The show hasn’t just entertained the masses, it has also introduced the fans to new music and new performers. Which is why many viewers continue to tune in.

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