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'American Idol': Caleb was born to be on stage

Keith Urban. Jennifer Lopez,Harry Connick Jr. Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson from American Idol
Keith Urban. Jennifer Lopez,Harry Connick Jr. Ryan Seacrest and Randy Jackson from American Idol
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Last night on “American Idol” viewers watched a true entertainer on stage. It is without doubt that Caleb belongs on stage, his voice, his stage presence, his looks; he cannot be anything else but an entertainer. On Wednesday night’s episode, he performed a rock and roll classic and by taking possession of the tune with a fascinating arrangement raise the bar high in this already talent filled season. Then he performed a country song and despite this genre not being his forte, still managed to make it his own and once again will be on top this week.

Jena as well raised the bar high, with her voice that just captivates audiences and doesn’t let go until her performance concludes, there is fast forwarding when she sings actually viewers want to hear and see more of this fabulous singer. Jessica has a magnificent voice, however, her stage presence leaves a lot to be desired, and to see her just standing there singing for an hour and half, as a concert would last, just doesn’t seem plausible.

CJ’s performance was not impressive, he just does not strike viewers as having that power to fill arenas and his voice although praised by the judges is not captivating, much less entertaining. Sam remains shy and other than reaching for some members in the audience and making more eye contact still appears so out of place and uncomfortable on stage that viewers find themselves fidgeting in their seats, and Alex just did not hit the mark last night and after preliminary voting following both performances he was at the bottom and it will not be surprising if he is eliminated tonight. The end of this season is getting close and ultimately the battle will be between Jena and Caleb, both awesome performers with fascinating voices; without doubt the finale will be one for the ages.

“American Idol” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT and Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.