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'American Idol:' Caleb rocked the house

Keith Urban judge on American Idol
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

There are now only 4 on “American Idol” and on Wednesday night’s episode the show’s theme was love and it opened with Caleb Johnson performing none other than the Bon Jovi anthem, “You Give Love A Bad Name”. This is a song that is embedded in the minds of rock fans, and yet Caleb managed to put his own touch in it and make it his own without ruining. A task that a lot of performers in this type of shows attempt, but very few succeed; however, Caleb to put it lightly: blew the roof top off last night.

Next came Jessica Meuse with Kelly Clarkson’s original “Since U Been Gone”, another song that is embedded in people’s minds, but Jessica with her almost defiant performances did not make this song justice, Jessica is a great singer, but not a performer. Alex Preston sang “Too Close” original from Alex Clare and although Alex’s vocals were there, the rendition did not register as a performance worthy of adulation. Then it was Jena Irene’s time to perform and her song was “Heartbreaker” original by Pat Benatar, and Jena’s vocals were outstanding, but her stage presence and what the song demands the body to do, was not there.

The second round had to do with dedications, and Caleb dedicated “Travelin’ Band” to his own band back home and once again he rocked it out of the house. Next up was Jessica Meuses’ dedication to those who did not believe in her and she sang “So What” and in spite of the judges’ opinions, Jessica’s performance this time was a real ”performance” the type that people pay to watch when they go to a concert. Jena was next with “Bad Romance” and the rendition appeared strange and not in sync, it was just an odd performance. The final dedication was for Alex and he chose “I’m Yours”, once again vocals up to par, not entertaining.

Third round was about making up, and Caleb was phenomenal, Jessica not entertaining. Then it was Jena with Elvis Presley’s classic “Can’t Help Falling In Love” according to the judges it was fantastic… Alex performed last and once again left a lot to be desired. America’s decision will be revealed tonight, as only 3 will remain.

“American Idol” runs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT and Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.

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