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American Idol-atry

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God disdained the divided heart of the Israelites--rescued by God from pagan idolaters, only to turn to pagan idols themselves. The same thing can be said of a large portion of American 'Christianity.' With that said, it is obvious that the American nation is bathed in pagan idolatry. A pagan idol, for the purpose of this article, is anything that is not Judaeo-Christian, monotheistic, or friendly to natural laws right-to-life, or traditional morality.

First, idolatrous 'Christianity.'

Catholics in droves, and 'Christians' by the horde, voted for Barack Obama knowing fully well that he was Pro-Choice. So, evidently, they hung their 'thou shalt not kill' belief on a hanger outside the voting booth. Pulling the lever for the Obama administration--TWICE--these very same idolatrous Christians must have sensed that they were basically selling the lives of millions of unborn babies down the river--or, to the devil, for the reward of the novelty of voting for 'fundamental change.' These very same cross-wearing-idolaters evidently didn't do their research--on purpose--because the signs of Obama socialism, entitlement, wimpy diplomacy, illegal immigration encouragement, gay 'marriage' support morphology, and anti-Christianity, were very well documented prior to his first run for President.

Therefore, idolatrous 'Christianity' has much to blame for the national mess we are in.

As far as the nation in general, Planned Parenthood kills babies to heal the sickness of motherhood (and fatherhood). The National Organization of Women rewards women for killing these very same babies while 'contracepting' their way to a loss in self-dignity through sexual promiscuity. The IRS persecutes traditionalists; the NSA eavesdrops on private lives; and every major governmental agency has been infiltrated by socialists, anarchists, progressives, and incompetents. Public morality has sunk faster than a ship made of swiss cheese, and governmental integrity has become an oxymoron.

This has happened precisely because Jesus has been relegated to the privacy of one's own home, replaced by the God's of popular culture, government, Wall Street, and the noneducational educational system.

Once in a hole, the only way out is to climb up.

But climbing up means embracing a national ethic based on transcendent values. But America, and, surprisingly, American 'Christianity', isn't willing to let a Transcendent Deity get in the way of the idols they have made by their own hands.

Maybe, only in exile, like the ancient Israelites, will America appreciate the repentant grace which just might turn it back to the One True God. For, in its current idolatry, America is heading to its ruin.