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American Idol: All time low ratings

American Idol Top 5
American Idol Top 5

For over a decade, American Idol has been the reigning champion of singing competition shows. However, in its 12th season, ratings have dropped by 20 percent in the 18 to 45 age bracket -- in other words, their most important audience base.

American Idol

The new judging panel looked promising on paper. Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and country superstar Keith Urban joined veteran judge Randy Jackson. But what started off as a producer's dream during auditions, quickly turned into a reality show nightmare. Nicki and Mariah didn't get along from the very beginning, and throughout the season, they have barely acknowledged each other's presence. Host Ryan Seacrest tries to keep the peace between the two divas, but things have turned awkward and a bit uncomfortable on the Idol stage. Keith and Randy give the most constructive criticism, while Nicki's rude remarks and antics along with Mariah's run-on rambling has made viewers change the channel.

Other singing competition shows like The Voice, are quickly gaining numbers in ratings. Could it be that once loyal Idol fans are turning over to NBC to see what hilarious remarks coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will banter at each other? Could the lack of true chemistry between the Idol judges leave viewers feeling uncomfortable? Or maybe, America is just tired of watching Seacrest introduce and interview Idol hopefuls year after year. It could also be the outdated "themes" producers give the contestants week after week.

For the first time in Idol history, the top 5 contestants have all been female. It may be possible that young girls who normally fall in love with a male contestant on the show simply don't have anyone they can dedicate their Twitter feeds to. It was evident early on in the season that everyone, including the judges, were rooting for a female Idol winner. They may have turned off voters with how obvious they made this -- showing no support to the very talented male contestants -- Burnell Taylor, anyone?

Whatever it may be, it's time Idol revamped the music, the judges and the entire format of the show. If not, this year's May finale just may be the series finale. Anyone else starting to miss Jennifer Lopez and her goosies?


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