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'American Idol' 2014 news: Which two contestants knew each other before show?

'American Idol' cast
'American Idol' cast
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"American Idol" 2014 is going strong and the contestants are all getting to know each other better. On April 3, People shared the news that two contestants knew each other before the season even started. This made their duet a bit easier.

C. J. Harris and Dexter Roberts met each other before the show ever started. They were on vacation in Panama City when it all started. C. J. walked up to Dexter on the beach when he was playing his guitar and asked to join him. The rest of their relationship is history.

Dexter and C. J. have been performing together before the show. They both auditioned and both made it on the show. Now they are able to help each other out and performing duets comes really easy for this pair. They will both be really happy if their friend wins the show if they are not the big winner.

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