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'American Idol 13': Top 9 contestants are revealed

This season's top 13 contestants
This season's top 13 contestants
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The “American Idol” results show tonight, March 20, started out with the contestants at dinner after last night’s show reflecting on their performances and the show. They discussed Keith and Harry impersonating one another, along with Caleb and Ryan impersonating each other, Malaya getting flowers, and Harry and Keith disagreeing a lot.

Ryan got right to results and asked Malaya, Dexter, and Jessica to join him on stage. Randy Jackson was happy Malaya decided not to play the piano because it gave her an amazing, emotional, and tender performance. He felt Dexter needed to do a lot of work to come back after his performance, and he agreed with Jennifer’s comments on Jessica’s performance last night. Ryan then played a short message for Dexter from Florida Georgia Line telling him they thought he did a good job last night before revealing that Jessica and Malaya were safe, while Dexter was in the bottom three.

Jennifer Lopez performed her new single, “I Luh Ya Papi.” She was briefly joined by former “Idol” contestants Pia Toscano, Jessica Sanchez, and Allison Iraheta.

Alex, Majesty, and Caleb received their results next. Randy thought Caleb’s performance was lackluster and just okay. He thought Majesty’s performance would bring her back from last week, and he added that Alex Preston was amazing and that it was a great night for him. Before Ryan revealed the results, Caleb sincerely apologized for the peanut allergy joke he made last night. (Someone must have gotten scolded). Ryan told Alex he was safe, Majesty was in the bottom three, and Caleb was safe.

Harry introduced a new, young band from Louisiana called Royal Teeth, who performed “Wild.”

Sam, Jena, C.J., and MK were the last group to receive their results. Randy thought Sam gave a great performance and was growing every week. He said Jena showed her artistry and has had two great weeks in a row. Randy thought the first half of MK’s performance was great, but the second half was a train wreck. He said C.J. was sharp throughout the song and just fell apart. Before hearing the results, C.J. Harris received a message from Hunter Hayes telling him he was honored C.J. sang his song, he was rooting for him, and he hoped to jam together soon. Ryan then revealed that C.J., Jena, and Sam were safe, but MK was once again in the bottom three.

The bottom three contestants gathered with Ryan, and he announced that Majesty and Dexter were safe, while MK Nobilette had to sing for the judges’ save. The judges took time to deliberate after the performance, and Harry finally revealed their decision was not unanimous, and they needed to say good-bye to MK, so it was the end of the road for her.

What did you think of tonight’s results show? Were you surprised the judges not use the save on MK, or did you think she deserved to go home tonight? Leave a comment below!

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