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'American Idol 13': Top 6 contestants are revealed

This season's top 13 contestants
This season's top 13 contestants
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Continuing this week’s trend of celebrity appearances, Kevin Bacon took Ryan Seacrest’s opening lines and kicked off the “American Idol” results show tonight, April 17. After Ryan brought the judges out, they played the footage from the contestants at dinner last night. They discussed Alex’s leg lifts while he sings, Caleb’s bromance with Ryan, how Harry sounded like he was sick, and how Jena freaked out that Demi Lovato was around for last night’s show. The group also thought Jennifer was really into C.J.’s performance and that it was cool they were allowed to tweet during commercial breaks.

Alex, Dexter, and Jena were the first three to receive their results. After brief clips of their performances last night, they added in Randy Jackson’s opinions. He wanted Dexter to take some chances vocally and put the “Dexter spin” on it. Randy thought Alex knew how to take the simple things he does and make them into something bigger. He also said Jena is the one to beat right now, and everyone else needs to step up to the plate. With that, the screens revealed Jena and Alex were safe, while Dexter was in the bottom two.

C.J., Sam, Jessica, and Caleb received their results next. Randy said C.J. Harris did a good job last night. He only said it would be interesting to see how Jessica landed in the votes. Randy thought Sam’s performance was good, and if he sticks around, he needs to get a winning performance. He felt Caleb has been consistent every week. The screens then revealed Caleb, C.J., and Sam were safe, leaving Jessica in the bottom two.

Ryan announced that it was Dexter Roberts leaving the competition tonight, and Jessica was safe. They played the footage of Dexter’s time on the show before he sang his final song: “Lucky Man.” Keith sang along from the judges’ table, and Randy bobbed his head from the couches. As Dexter finished, his fellow contestants surrounded him in a group hug.