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'American Idol 13': Top 5 contestants are revealed

This season's top 13 contestants
This season's top 13 contestants
Photo by Kevin Winter

Tonight, April 24, Ryan Seacrest kicked off the “American Idol” results show by introducing the judges. As promised, Keith wore a suit instead of the usual t-shirt and jeans. They shared a tween from Carrie Underwood, sent last night to say that Jena and Caleb did a good job singing two of her songs.

After last night’s show, the final six contestants went to Caleb Johnson’s house for his birthday dinner. They discussed Caleb’s slip and mic grab during his performance. Jena wondered if Sam would really follow through and take Ryan along on tour as his drummer, which he said he would. She also commented about how crazy the girls went when Sam touched their hands.

Ryan brought Caleb, Sam, and C.J. down on stage first. They played Randy Jackson’s opinions from last night’s show – he said Caleb brought down the house, and Sam was improving, but C.J. needed to pick better songs for himself and give a stronger vocal performance. Overall, Randy said Caleb won the night, Sam was good, and C.J. might be in trouble. The screen revealed that Sam and Caleb were safe, but C.J. was in the bottom two.

Randy thought Jena was looking incredibly strong and gave two strong performances. He said Alex was continuing to show his artistry, and he had a good, strong night. He wasn’t sure Jessica gave the judges everything they needed to hear. Randy said Jena was definitely safe, but Alex and Jessica could be in a little trouble with the votes. The screens showed Jena and Alex’s faces, leaving Jessica Meuse in the bottom two.

Ryan went to Jennifer, who said she wasn’t okay seeing either of them go home, but this is the nature of the competition. Harry thought it was impossible to have the right bottom two, and Keith said it came down to the performances night to night. Jessica said she wouldn’t have done anything differently, and C.J. said he would have picked a different song. Ryan then revealed it was C.J. Harris leaving the competition tonight, and Jessica was safe. He sang his final song: “Can’t You See.”