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'American Idol 13': Top 4 contestants are revealed

This season's top 13 contestants
This season's top 13 contestants
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ryan Seacrest announced a game changer would happen to start the “American Idol” results show tonight, May 1. He warned the contestants that it would affect all of them before introducing the judges. Harry told the contestants he was so incredibly proud of them and said they had done an amazing job.

They played the “round table discussion” footage from after last night’s show. Jessica thought America chose really good songs for everyone. They wondered if it hurt Caleb’s voice to sing so high – he demonstrated and said “No.” They also laughed about Sam tripping up the steps and his reaction over Ariana Grande showing up during the show. Jena Irene couldn’t get over how much smaller the table was getting and felt it would come down to just a few votes because they all sang so well last night.

Ryan, Jennifer, and Harry introduced Keith Urban, who performed “Good Thing.” He received a standing ovation and plenty of screams and cheers from the audience. Ryan asked Jennifer what she thought, and she said she just kept thinking he was so cute.

Randy Jackson thought Jena had an amazing night last night and killed it. He was so proud of Alex and thought Jessica didn’t have the best of nights performance-wise. Randy said Sam’s night started shaky, but he really got it going by the end of the song. He added that Caleb really tore the place down and tore the roof off the whole thing.

Ryan gathered all five finalists on stage and told them they had two options: they could decide that the person with the lowest number of votes could go home tonight as planned, or they could all stay around another week and have two people go home next week. With that, he handed out ballots for everyone to vote and told them the vote had to be unanimous in order for everyone to stay.

The group voted anonymously, and Ryan read the votes – three contestants voted to keep everyone this week, while two voted for someone to go home this week. With the split vote, Ryan announced that it was Sam Woolf going home this week. He sang his final song: “It’s Time.”

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