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'American Idol 13': Top 3 contestants are revealed

Ryan Seacrest kicked off the “American Idol” results show tonight, May 8, by introducing the judges. He made his way over to them and asked how they were feeling. All agreed they were nervous.

Jessica Meuse fell just short of the hometown visits and was eliminated tonight.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
This season's top 13 contestants
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

They showed the round table dinner from last night. Caleb thought everyone had great special effects. Jena liked when Jennifer came up and gave her a kiss and showed her how to walk in heels, and Jessica agreed that it was really cool. Alex chimed in and said they all should be proud of how far they had come. Jessica told them she loved them, and it was an amazing adventure.

Ryan presented Harry with a tray of beignets, which he promptly threw two of into the audience, spraying powdered sugar everywhere. After Jennifer scolded him for throwing food, he threw a couple more.

They played the recap of last night’s performances, with Randy Jackson’s opinions added in. He thought Jena had one of the best performances ever on the show, with “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Randy said Caleb had an amazing night. He thought Jessica had very mixed results. He said Alex had a good night, but if he stays, it is because of the Coldplay song.

Ryan revealed the first person into the top three and heading home for a hometown visit was Jena Irene. Also into the top three was Caleb Johnson. That left Alex Preston and Jessica Meuse, and it was Alex who took the third and final spot, leaving Jessica Meuse to go home tonight.

Jessica stood on stage crying before Ryan handed her the microphone. She pulled it together and sang her final song: “Blue-Eyed Lie.” Jessica then started crying again once she had finished, and the judges were on their feet for her. Randy finally made his way over and gave her a hug, followed by her fellow contestants.

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