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'American Idol' 13 odds to win it all: Girls place just one finalist in top six

The "American Idol" Top 10 will hit the stage Wednesday night to sing, of all things, Top 10 Billboard hit songs (the theme for the week). Of course, at this point in the competition, there are already frontrunners, not to mention finalists that definitely have the judges' support, but who do the professionals think has the best odds of taking home the Season 13 title?

Wednesday night's set list for "American Idol" may not be a surprise, considering that American Idol Net dropped a spoiler alert March 18, the day of, perhaps giving a few of the Top 10 finalists a bit of an advantage going in. But song choice and execution being what they are, who knows? But little things like Alex Preston, who the oddsmakers at Bovada currently have as having the second-best odds to win (4/1), singing One Direction's "Song Of My Life," a tune definitely in his wheelhouse and adaptable to his acoustic guitar-supported style, just might keep him among the frontrunners.

But let's take a look at the opposite side of it all. Which Top 10 finalist is least favored among the professional oddsmakers?

Of all the finalists, it would appear that M. K. Nobilette will have the steepest hill to climb to make the finale and win it all. She's sitting way outside with 50/1 odds to win Season 13. It was a bit of a surprise to see her make the Top 10 (a possible sympathy vote bounce?), what with her being in the bottom three two weeks in a row prior to the Top 11 results show. She doesn't have a strong voice, no matter what the judges keep saying. And her sub-par stage presence is going to get her nowhere. Look for her gone in a show or two.

The next worst odds to win are held by Malaya Watson at 20/1. Her exuberance and child-like excitability are her biggest drawbacks in performing, but they're what's endearing when she's not on stage. She's proven she can belt out a tune as well as crash and burn, but her days could be numbered unless she can keep spinning out powerhouse performances.

The rest of the Top 10 finalists have 10/1 or better odds to win -- which means it could just about be anyone's competition to win -- or lose. However, if you're a gender-based supporter and root for the girls, the oddsmakers don't see it as likely that one of the remaining five girls will win. In fact, only Jena Irene, a girl that was brought back into the competition as a judges' Wild Card, is the only female of the top five contestants (odds-wise). She's ranks fourth-best at 11/2 odds to win.

Caleb Johnson and Alex Preston are poised to be one of the two finale finalists by season's end. Caleb has the talent and an old school rocker's charm while Alex is a consummate musician who fits naturally into the Jason Mraz-like mix of pop music. They're both at 4/1 odds to win.

So who has the best odds? Dexter Roberts. Even though "Idol" judge Keith Urban told him he sounded like any other singer in a thousand bands across America, apparently the oddsmakers think there's room on the radio and in bars and in concert halls for one more. His odds to win it all: 11/4.

But anything can happen on the way to the finale. Dexter Roberts could make a couple of poor song choices and find himself not even in the finale. Jena Irene, if she continues the trend she's started in the past few live performances, could very well be the frontrunner, as could Jessica Meuse (10/1 odds) if she could just lose the desperation aura.

And then there are Majesty Rose and C. J. Harris and Sam Woolf. All talented, all definitely strong in their particular areas. As long as they stay true to their wheelhouses (and Majesty stays away from theatrical power songs like "Let It Go" from "Frozen," which landed her in the bottom three last week), they have a shot.

As for M. K. Nobilette, she should just be thankful she made the Top 10 after her constricted Top 13 and Top 12 performances. She's a goner and nothing can save her (except for a judges Save, that is) -- and the oddsmakers know it.

"American Idol" airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and Thursdays at 9 p.m. (times are EST) on Fox Television.

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