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'American Idol 13': 'Hollywood or Home' recap

Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, and Harry Connick, Jr.
Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, and Harry Connick, Jr.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tonight, Feb. 5, American Idol surprised the contestants with a complete revamp of Hollywood Week. All 212 finalists were taken right from the airport to a hanger, where they either moved on to Hollywood or were immediately sent back home. The judges explained they had reviewed everyone’s auditions and selected some contestants to perform a song of their choosing on-the-spot for Harry, Jennifer, and Keith.

First up was Johnny Newcomb. He sang Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.” The judges all asked to see Connor Zwetsch, Ali Jane Henderson, Caitlin Johnson, and Adam Roth once more, along with plenty of others as the talent began to dwindle for the contestants the judges were on the fence about.

Former Idol finalist, Nikki McKibbin, was not around this time, as her son, Tristen Langley sang again. Harry wanted to see Morgan Deplitch sing something more her age, so she sang “Brave.” Stephanie Petronelli, Rich LaFleur, Eric Wood, Alyssa Siebken, Neco Starr, and Khristian D’Avis were all included in the over 50 contestants the judges wanted to hear again.

The judges told anyone that hadn’t sung for them they were safe for the day and could leave. They quickly deliberated before dividing the remaining 52 contestants into two groups. Then, Keith Urban explained both groups would get onto a bus – one bus was going to the airport, and the other was going to their hotel in Hollywood. It was the first bus that took hopefuls, including Caitlin Johnson and Tristen Langley, back to the airport, while everyone aboard the second bus moved onto Hollywood.

In the morning, the contestants headed over to the Dolby Theatre, where they came out in lines of 10 to perform a song for the judges.

Majesty Rose York, John Fox, and Brandy Neelly made it through, but Samantha Calmes was sent home. Spencer Lloyd, Austin Wolfe, Bria Anai, Sam Woolf, Keri Lynn Roche, C.J. Harris, and Alex Preston also made it to the next round. Selena Moreno and Ayla Stackhouse were sent home.

Kenzie Hall, Ben Briley, Briston Maroney, Dexter Roberts, Rachel Rolleri, Maurice Townsend, Casey Thrasher, George Lovett, Tiquila Wilson, Emily Piriz, and Malcolm Allen all made it through, but Quaid Edwards did not. Munfarid Zeidi, Ethan Thompson, Austin Percario, Caleb Johnson, Stephanie Hanvey, Kristen O’Connor, Emmanuel Zidor, Briana Oakley, and Jesse Cline were also put through to the next round.

The judges found Keith London’s song choice of “If I Were A Boy” to be odd and asked him to sing another song, so he sang a portion of “Same Love.” That did the trick, and he made it to the next round. Malaya Watson, Jena Asciutto, and Savion Wright were also put through.

The judges gathered everyone together, handed out song lists, and asked them to form groups of three or four for group day the next day.

Everyone scrambled to form groups and meet with the vocal coaches. Some groups were successful and made progress, while others felt apart and dispersed to other groups instead.

The groups made it through dress rehearsals, where tonight’s episode wrapped up. Tomorrow night, the group performances in front of the judges will begin, and half of the contestants will be sent home.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did you like the changes made to the Hollywood Round? Leave a comment below!

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