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'American Idol' 13: Chris Daughtry mentors the Top 31

As part of the "American Idol" Season 13 experience, Season 5 alum Chris Daughtry was on hand to mentor the Top 31 contestants. Rush Week and Tuesday night's live performance episode that featured the naming of the Top 10 girls was prefaced by the Randy Jackson Workshop, a "boot camp" where all 31 contestants had access to vocal coaches, music coaches, choreographers, stylists, hair specialists, and even spiritual guides. Daughtry was there to lend his own "Idol" experience as well as actual on-stage experience to hopefully move the the contestants a step closer to the Finals.

In an "Idol" video posted on YouTube Feb. 18, Daughtry talked about his time as mentor, saying he had "fun," noting that the workshop was something that wasn't available back in Season 5.

"You always have these ideas of what you'd say to 'em when you're watching," he said, "and now I get to actually share what I've learned being on the show, after the show, being on the road -- all these things that go into performing. I'm glad to pass on the knowledge."

Chris Daughtry was introduced along with Adam Lambert, the Season 8 runner-up who became a worldwide singing sensation in a matter of months after appearing on "Idol," and proved a scene-stealer himself, telling the gathered Top 31 jokingly that he had expressly asked not to be placed alongside Lambert because it would call attention to his height -- or lack thereof.

And in the video clips of his work in the Randy Jackson Workshop, it looks as if the "It's Not Over" singer isn't a bit shy in handing out constructive criticism. At one point, he tells Malaya Watson, the flamboyant and excitable teen from Detroit, to "pull it back, Trigger."

Watson would be the last female to be named to the Top 10 girls. She in no way pulled her performance back, though, delivering a rousing and soulful rendition of Ray Charles' "Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)."

But it's doubtful the North Carolina rocker would begrudge the teen her enthusiasm. As he said, "A lot of times contestants are worried about, 'Are they going to get me?' People that do get you, that's your audience. Don't try to please the people who don't because music and art are very subjective." (In the video clip, Malaya Watson is seen as Daughtry speaks.) "If you are able to cater to that audience that does get you, then I think you're doing something right."

Chris Daughtry exploded onto the rock scene after his "American Idol" run during Season 5 (where he finished in fourth place) with his eponymous album (with the band that takes his last name) that would put five songs in the Top 25 on the Billboard Hot 100, hit No. 1 itself on the Billboard 200, and go on to sell nearly 5 million copies (to date).

Daughtry (the band) released their fourth studio album, Baptized, in November, his fourth consecutive Top 10 album. The collection of 12 songs (15 on the Deluxe Edition), all co-written by Chris Daughtry, features the hit song, "Waiting for Superman."

Daughtry is the most successful non-winning "Idol" finalist in the history of the show, with album sales in the U. S. that places him third overall (7.1 million) behind Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood (14.7 million) and Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson (13.4 million).

"American Idol" Rush Week ends on Thursday evening. Host Ryan Seacrest will reveal the Top 10 finalists as voted on by the "Idol" viewers and the judges will choose three Wild Card picks for a Top 13 going forward.

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