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'American Idol 13': 'Auditions #5' recap

Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, and Harry Connick, Jr.
Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, and Harry Connick, Jr.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Tonight, Jan. 29, the American Idol auditions picked up in Salt Lake City.

The judges were immediately impressed by Austin Wolfe’s name and eagerly agreed to put her through to Hollywood after her audition of “Radioactive.” Jennifer thought she had the whole package.

Kylee Adamson is a lumberjack who could also sing and received a “yes” from all three judges. It was also good news for Keith Sanders, Michael Simeon, and Tessa Norman – they were each put through to Hollywood.

Alex Preston sang an original song for the judges, who couldn’t believe he wrote that himself, and Harry Connick, Jr noticed he had some different harmonies. Jennifer thought his tone was soft, but nice. The judges gave Alex a golden ticket.

Samantha Calmes practiced her greeting in the chamber on her way in and shared the contents of her fanny pack with the judges. She also performed an original song, but Harry wanted to hear something someone else had written…so Samantha sang the theme song to The Jeffersons television show. Harry thought she had some interesting things to offer, but he was more impressed with the choices she made – not just her voice. Jennifer liked her voice, and Keith liked her originality and range. All three judges said “yes,” and it was off to Hollywood for Samantha.

The bus tour brought LeBryant Crew and Laurel Wright, who sang her own song, in front of the judges – both made it to Hollywood.

D.J. Bradley left Keith with mixed feelings over whether he was mysterious or disinteresting and didn’t feel there was quite enough, which Harry agreed with. Jennifer, however, was sold and said yes – in the end, D.J. was put through.

Kenzie Hall easily got a “Yes” from all three judges, who thought she was great. Jennifer even said she was one of her faves.

Paisley Van Patten lived in Nashville for seven years and got her first record deal at age 15. She became an alcoholic, lost everything, and had to move back home. Now sober, she sang Faith Hill’s “When the Lights Go Down.” Jennifer liked that she had a lot of control, and Harry said she seemed like a gentle person who had found some happiness. The judges were once again in agreement, and it was a golden ticket for Paisley. She even did her Cher impersonation for the judges before heading out of the room.

Haydn Olsen divided the judges, but Harry and Keith did not choose to put her through. Chase Boyle and Julia “Missy Cyclops” Flores also did not make it to Hollywood. Jocelyn Baker and Blake Branscom did receive golden tickets.

C.J. Harris dedicated his audition to his father, who passed away the year before. Jennifer said it wasn’t perfect, but she liked it. Harry agreed, and Keith thought he sang because he had to sing, not because he wanted to sing. It was another “yes” from all three judges for a tearful C.J.

Tiquila Wilson had a boisterous personality and told the judges she works at a funeral home before auditioning with Adele’s “Someone Like You.” Jennifer had goosies, and Keith thought she was the real deal. A very excited Tiquila was put through to Hollywood and went screaming right out of the audition room.

Chase Thornton gave a terrible rendition of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man.” Keith cut him off and told him to take lessons if he really wanted to sing. Needless to say, Chase was sent on his way without a golden ticket, along with plenty of other disappointed contestants.

Jessica Bassett got a “no” from Harry and Keith, who didn’t think she was quite ready, even though Jennifer said “yes.”

Emily Rottler sang Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie.” Jennifer felt it was natural for her to sing and play the guitar, Harry said it was going to be a very good year for American Idol, and it was a “yes” for Emily from all three judges.

Dexter Roberts took on a Casey James song for his audition, and Keith wondered who Dexter listens to. Harry thought he seemed like the kind of guy who sings to get through the day, and everyone agreed to put Dexter through to Hollywood.

Ally Roundy sang “At Last.” Keith liked her voice, but he felt like she needed more time. Jennifer disagreed, and Harry thought there was too much rough and agreed with Keith. Once again, Jennifer was the only one to say “yes,” and Ally did not make it through.

Briston Maroney auditioned with “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” Jennifer said he has such a unique voice, and Keith hoped other colors would come out of his voice. Harry agreed, and Briston received a golden ticket.

Carson Henline didn’t make it this year, but Sabrina Lentini and Leia “Fish” Lotulelei were each put through.

Johnny Newcomb sang Pearl Jam’s “Last Kiss” while playing the guitar, but Harry cut him off and told him he didn’t think that was his voice, and he was merely emulating his idol. Keith agreed, and Jennifer wanted to see more of a range. Johnny offered to sing another song to change their minds, and that did the trick – Harry didn’t change his mind, but Keith and Jennifer did.

Kimberly Tosti sang Heart’s “Barracuda.” Rather, she shouted the song. Keith said, “Barracuda…not so much.” It was a “no” from all three judges.

Carmen Delgina comes from a musical family, since her dad is Wonder Mike, from the Sugar Hill Gang. She auditioned with “Tainted Love.” Harry thought she was talented, but he didn’t think her vocals were strong enough to get her to the end, so he had to think about it. Jennifer Lopez said she was inconsistent, and Keith thought something was disconnecting her voice with her being. In the end, the judges put Carmen through and asked to see her dad.

Next up was Kassandra Castaneda, who presented JLo with a note containing her uncle’s phone number before she sang Adele’s “Chasing Pavements.” Harry immediately didn’t think she was ready, because she missed too many runs. Jennifer disagreed and thought she had a lot of good control, but Keith could see what both Harry and Jennifer were saying. Jennifer and Keith both agreed and put Kassandra through.

Jennifer was impressed by Kenneth “Woodie” Gaddie’s amazingly big voice and said “yes,” as did Keith.

Casey Thrasher met Keith Urban at last year’s CMA Awards and told him he was going to audition, to which Keith told him he believed in him. Halfway through his song, Keith thought something happened to frustrate him, which came out in the performance, and he loved it. Jennifer didn’t think it was 100% perfect, but she liked it. Harry thought Casey would be the guy to go home and critique each of his performances in order to work on them for the next time. The judges all agreed to put Casey through to Hollywood.

In total, the judges handed out 30 golden tickets in Salt Lake City, upping the grand total to 193 hopefuls headed to Hollywood.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Do you have any favorites so far? Leave a comment below!

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