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'American Idol 13': 'Auditions #2' recap

Tonight, Jan. 16, American Idol continued its two-night Season 13 premiere with more auditions from Austin.

Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, and Harry Connick, Jr.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jesse Roach was up first, with KT Oslin’s “Do Ya.” Jennifer loved everything about Jesse and thought she could be an artist, and Keith and Harry agreed. They all said yes to putting Jesse through to Hollywood. The judges also put Steven Curd, Anna Melvin, and Ryan Clark through.

Jamiah Malik tried out an original song for the judges, and his sister, Quiandra Boston-Pearsall, did the same. It worked for Quiandra, but not for Jamiah, who didn’t make it through.

Megan Miller sang Carrie Underwood’s “Last Name.” The judges discussed the rasp in her voice and eventually, all three gave her a yes.

Grace Anne Field came in with a positive attitude and upbeat personality – she even got pitch from her phone, but then she completely butchered a small portion of “Broken Wing.” The judges commented on her vibrato and how they just didn’t feel she was there yet.

Austin Alvarez and Eric Wood were each given tickets to Hollywood.

Spencer Lloyd sang a Colton Dixon song – “Never Gone.” Harry didn’t know if he was the greatest singer, and Keith agreed but felt Spencer could entertain. Jennifer enjoyed the really, really beautiful voice. All three judges agreed to put him through.

Marlon Lindsey has wanted to audition for the past eight or nine years but has been in the army for the last six years. He finally has his chance and sang Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come.” The judges quickly gave him a golden ticket to Hollywood.

Rick Rowling told Ryan he was going to go in and sing badly in order to further his acting career. He went in and joked about the judges not being Randy Jackson or Simon Cowell before singing a terrible rendition of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” The judges didn’t want to hear another song and sent him packing.

The moment T.K. Hash entered the room, Harry Connick, Jr. commented that he looked like President Barack Obama, so he did a quick impression before singing Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up).” Keith loved it – he loved the tone, his confidence, and everything about it. Jennifer felt he changed the chemistry in the room and made all of them perk up. Harry didn’t think he was the greatest singer he’d ever heard, but he is likeable.

Season One finalist, Nikki McKibbin, returned to the show with her son, Tristen Langley, who played his guitar as he sang Sublime’s “Santeria.” Harry didn’t think it would have worked for him without Nikki there, but Jennifer completely disagreed. Keith Urban said he needed to watch choking his voice and learn to let the notes out. Jennifer said yes, Harry said no, and Keith said yes to put Tristen through.

LJ Hernandez sang Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be.”(Well, it was more of a brief shout). While Jennifer found it entertaining, the judges didn’t think he was ready for the competition and sent him on his way.

John Fox wrote a song for his church at the ripe age of six and auditioned with “To Make You Feel My Love.” The judges eagerly put him through to Hollywood.

The auditions moved to San Francisco next. Rachel Rolleri sang Sugarland’s “Stay.” Keith thought she was very mature and played guitar well for 17, and the judges warned her not to make a face or let them know when she made a mistake. In the end, all three judges said yes.

Athena Williford, Remi Wolf, and MK Nobilette were each put through to Hollywood.

Emmanuel Zidor came crawling into the room singing and scared Jennifer, but the judges asked to hear another song, so he sang “I Believe In You and Me.” The judges believed him, and it brought him to tears – Emmanuel got a golden ticket and a hug from Jennifer.

Samuel Ramsey said he was going to sing a jazzy version of “I Want You Back,” but he didn’t impress the judges (Harry especially), so he was sent along without a ticket.

Caitlin Johnson shocked the judges when she told them she was only 15 before singing “Something’s Got a Hold Of Me.” Harry said she wasn’t ready and needed time to work on who she is and said no, Jennifer was still thinking and thought they could do something with it, and Keith loved it and said yes. Jennifer Lopez said she was going to give her one more chance, so it was off to Hollywood for Caitlin.

Ronald Reed was starstruck by Jennifer and very excited to meet her. After he sang, Jennifer broke the news that his vocals weren’t strong enough, and Keith agreed that they wanted his vocals to match his personality. Ronald was completely devastated and ran out of the room crying.

JLo thought David Luning was interesting for Idol. Keith asked if he wrote all of his own songs and worried he would be crushed during Hollywood week by all of the other singers. Harry also wondered if he was right for this show, but in the end, David was put through to Hollywood.

Twins Selena and Sierra Moreno entered the audition room at the same time. Selena sang Janis Joplin’s “Try,” and Sierra sang Beyonce’s “1 + 1.” Jennifer and Keith both agreed that Selena had the better voice, but Sierra had a better stage presence. Harry said a decision needed to be made, and they may not like it. All three judges said yes to Selena, and even though Jennifer said yes to Sierra, both Keith and Harry said no.

Briana Oakley was sent home during Hollywood week last year and immediately made the decision to come back again this year. She sang “Stay,” by Sara Bareilles. Once again, the judges put Briana through to Hollywood.

Rico Perkin and Aranesa Turner made unique choices to sing songs from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” and they both received golden tickets.

Gaddy Basil Foster sang so terribly that Jennifer had to hide behind her paper to laugh before Keith finally cut him off. He told him he was a really sweet guy, but singing just wasn’t his thing.

Adam Roth talked to the judges briefly about sound healing before auditioning with “Hallelujah.” Harry said he felt guilty, unclean, and like he needed to go to confessional afterward. Keith and Jennifer felt like it was very interesting – Jennifer couldn’t tell if it was fake and forced. Harry said no, Jennifer said yes, and Keith picked up a golden ticket and pretended to have been mesmerized by Adam and didn’t know what had happened.

Between tonight’s Austin and San Francisco auditions, they handed out 33 golden tickets. The American Idol auditions will continue next week in Detroit.

What did you think of the two-night premiere? How do you like the new judging panel? Leave a comment below!

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