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The Russians as bad guys are making a comeback in the American media and among our political elites. Our foreign policy, always in need of a demon or two, has downplayed the Russians since the Soviet crack up in 1992.

Nothing in this article is meant to be an apology for bad Russian behavior in the Ukraine and Crimea. The Russians are doing what they always have done. Once called, the jailhouse of nations, Putin and company are just searching for pretext for expansion.

Sound familiar ? It should. Untaught in American schools is the history of US intervention abroad. The US has been sending its troops overseas to protect and expand its intrests since the beginning of the country. American troops have been involved in areas where we have been uninvited over a 100 times.

A Turkish newspaper once suggested the US should be in the Guiness Book of World records for foreign military intervention.

For example in Latin America. We have intervened in Nicauragia, Guatemalia, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Cuba multiple times with uninvited troops. We have sent troops to Pacifac Islands like Hawaii to support coups.

And that is the overt acts. We have supported covert acts against Chile, Cuba, and Iran in fairly recent history.

The two most outspoken leaders of this charade and hypocrisy are President Barack Obama and Secretary of State , former Senator, John Kerry.

Canidate Obama in 2008 called the policies of George Bush "cowboy" in nature. He also criticised Bush for the repressive legislation in the Patriot Act and for spying on Americans. He even garnered a Nobel Peace Prize.

President Obama after being a canidate Obama and Nobel Peace Prize winner changed on us. We are still in Afghanistan. His policies on drone warfare have alienated a key player in the Afghanistan region Pakistan.

Even in Afghanistan, the outspoken President Karzai, wants us to leave . Ironically, the US has been there longer than the Russians. And we condemned the Russian invasion there in the 1980s.

John Kerry stands in a class by himself as the archetype of American foreign policy contradictions and hypocrisy.

Kerry got his start in foreign policy as jungle fatigue clad Vietnam Vet speaking out against the war in Vietnam at a Congressional hearing. He came across as boy next door radical chic.

Not everyone was impressed by Kerry. President Richard Nixon, in tapes made public, was recorded saying he thought Kerry was a "oppurtunist." Nixon was probably right on that count.

Kerry rode his image as a "new politician" to a long career in the US Senate. Kerry may not have been in favor of wars he fought in but he was willing to send a new generation of Americans off to war .

In October 2003, while running for President, John Kerry said about his vote for $87 billion for the military in Afghanistan and Iraq :

" I actually did vote for the bill before I voted against it." Sounds like Orwell's doublespeak.

This was just the start of Kerry's flip flops on militarism. At one point , Kerry criticised Israel for their building of the wall on the West Bank. As a Presidential canidate, he called it a "legitimate act of self defense."

Kerry voted for war authorization in Iraq and Afghanistan as senator. As a canidate in 2004, two years later after the votes, he tried to package himself as the old 1971 jungle fatigue anti-war guy in a 3 piece suit.

At the same time, he tried to package himself as a thoughtful warrior who knew from his own experience as John Wayne on a swift boat the horrors of war. along came a group of right wing veterans called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth who punctured this double branding with questionable ads.

If the Russians are students of history even at the most elementary level, they can see our record of intervention and hypocrisy. If they study our politicians, they have heard the contradictions of out President and his messenger boy, John Kerry.

Frothy American appeals of Russian illegality and land grabbing are probably being met with laughter inside the Russian elite.

Its an old case of the pot calling the kettle black.

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