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'American Horror Story' season 4 spoilers: What will the Freak Show entail?

It has been revealed that Jessica Lange will be the owner of an American Freak Show in this season of "American Horror Story."
Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

On March 24 TV Fanatic not only revealed through Ryan Murphy's twitter what the name of season four of "American Horror Story" is going to be called but other spoilers as well. It has been revealed that season four will be subtitled "Freak Show" which will ultimately take place in a circus or carnival. Most fans had already guessed at this from all the clues given over the seasons past, but now it has been confirmed.

Further details reveal that Not only will Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson be in season four, but fans will also be welcoming back Angela Bassett, Frances Conroy, Evan Peters, and Kathy Bates. There have been rumors that Lily Rabe will also return, however, that hasn't been confirmed as of yet.

This season will focus on the dying freak show of the 1950s. This one will be owned by an ex-patriot Marlene Dietrich character played by Jessica Lange. The rest of the cast will be performers that Lange has rescued that will stop at nothing to save their show.

Unlike previously thought, The show will actually be taking place in Juniper, Fla. instead of New Orleans or New Mexico. This season will also be comprised of 13 episodes like "Coven" was.

Are you a little more excited about season four of "American Horror Story" now?

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