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'American Horror Story' season 4 spoilers: Sarah Paulson works on special skills

Sarah Paulson says that she's working on special skills for the upcoming season of "American Horror Story."
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

On Feb. 7 Wetpaint shares that Sarah Paulson is working on a special skill before filming season four of "American Horror Story." What those special skills are, she can't say, however, many are hoping she's boning up on her contortion skills or acrobatics so that the fourth season will somehow involve a carnival.

Carnival seems to be the fan favorite for season four of "AHS" and it seems entirely likely it's true seeing as how recent spoilers from Ryan Murphy himself have alluded to the fact that the season will be in line with the same kind of lighter topic as "Coven" had. While he claims that it's a period piece set in 1950, that still doesn't discount the circus or carnival even though they were present in America dating back as early as 1890.

The "American Horror Story" costume designer let it slip that it seems as though, based on the costume designs themselves that the season will take place in New Orleans once again. Jessica Lange, who claims season four will be her last, is getting to play a Marlene Dietrich type character and is practicing her German accent. Many German immigrants ended up working in the carnivals as barkers, or performers just to escape the oppressed feeling brought on by the second red scare. It's likely that Lange could play such a character this season.

What could Sarah Paulson's special skill be? She claims that she's not working on an accent.

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