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'American Horror Story' season 4: Ryan Murphy clears up 'Freak Show' rumors

"AHS" creator Ryan Murphy (right) clears up rumors that the series is ending after season 4
"AHS" creator Ryan Murphy (right) clears up rumors that the series is ending after season 4
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

With a show as popular as "American Horror Story," spoilers, speculation and rumors commonly circulate the Internet. Most of the time they have some truth to them. However, a recent rumor that "Freak Show" would be the last installment of the series has been shut down by creator Ryan Murphy. On April 17, WetPaint posted the truth about "American Horror Story: Freak Show," which comes straight from Murphy.

The rumor that "American Horror Story: Freak Show" would end after season 4 probably got started for two reasons. First, Jessica Lange announced that the fourth season would be her last, but this isn't because the show is ending. The second cause of the rumor is due to what Frances Conroy said at this year's PaleyFest. She said,

"I have no idea how long [creator Ryan Murphy] wants to do this. I heard he said in some interview that four seasons were enough."

However, Murphy has cleared up these rumors and set the record straight. He told E! Online,

“No I never said that. I want Horror Story to go ten years or more! And I think it can.”

Now that the rumor is squashed, fans can get back to speculating on what will happen on the next installment of the series. The Latin Post revealed what is known so far about "American Horror Story" season 4. It is going to be set in the 1950s in Jupiter, Fla. Jessica Lange will be playing a German ex-pat who is running one of the last freak shows in America.

While there are not many spoilers on the upcoming season yet, Enstars reported that Denis O'Hare, who appeared in the first season as Larry and then in the third season as Spaulding, will be appearing when the show returns to the air. The actor told Vulture that his character will be at odds with Lange. He also said that the two will have a lot of scenes together, but they will be battling. As for what kind of character he will be playing, he revealed that he won't be a freak himself, but rather a "collector of freaks."

What did you think of the "American Horror Story: Freak Show" being the final installment rumor? Are you relieved that Ryan Murphy plans on continuing the series? What are your theories on what will happen when the season premieres?

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