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'American Horror Story' season 4: New spoilers reveal characters and more

Sarah Paulson revealed her Freak Show character and more.
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Fans are waiting for "American Horror Story" to bring "Freak Show" to life for season four, and there are some great new spoilers out for some of the freaks they will see during the season ahead. On June 19, KDramaStars shared the latest details about the characters being brought to life by Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett.

Paulson started fans buzzing when she shared a photo on Twitter showing her off as a two-headed woman. She will play the freakish character during the upcoming season. The women will be named Belle and Dot. Ryan Murphy had teased in previous interviews that Paulson's role on the upcoming season was definitely a challenge. Now that the character has been revealed, it is clear that he was not kidding about that at all.

Paulson did have to make a correction though. The photo she shared on her Twitter is not the actual look for the character, according to Enstarz. The photo she shared was a digital photo used to show Ryan Murphy how the character might look. Paulson knew she would play a two-headed character for season four since season three was in production. She was forced to keep the character a secret.

Angela Bassett is also returning for season four of the series, and she has teased about her character as well. Bassett might take on the freakish role of a giant for "Freak Show." She revealed that she was asked if heights bother her any. This could mean she is playing a tall character. That has not been confirmed yet. Bassett does know it will take a special character to top the character she played during season three of the series. Marie Laveau was "special phenomenon."

There are more roles being cast for the upcoming season as well. Casting is currently on-going for the characters of Larry, Bobby and Sammy. Fans still have some time to wait for "Freak Show." The series will premiere on FX this fall.

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