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'American Horror Story': Rumors for 'Freak Show' debunked with fact

Ryan Murphy wants a long future for American Horror Story.
Ryan Murphy wants a long future for American Horror Story.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Fans want more of "American Horror Story" from FX, but there is still time to wait for season four of the series. During the wait, there are a lot of rumors and speculation about the upcoming season floating around, and some of those rumors have now been debunked by those involved. On April 17, Wetpaint Entertainment shared the latest comments made by Ryan Murphy about the future of the series. He is the man in charge, and he had to speak out against the rumors that the series would end after this season.

Who started this rumor? Frances Conroy spoke about the series in an interview, and she teased that Ryan Murphy wanted to end things with the upcoming season. It is true that Jessica Lange will depart the series after this season, but "American Horror Story" will continue on without her. In fact, Ryan Murphy revealed that he'd like to see this series continue on for 10 or more seasons. He has a lot of stories to tell apparently. Fans can stop worrying that "Freak Show" will end this series.

Other rumors surrounding the upcoming season have to do with casting. Tarissa Farmiga has not yet signed on for season four, but she caused some fan buzz that she had been on her Twitter, according to Enstarz. She tweeted that she was trying on '50s style clothing, and the new season is set in that era. She quickly realized her error, and she sent out another tweet to say her original tweet was not about "American Horror Story."

Another casting rumor has to do with Emma Roberts. She joined the series for season three, and she is returning for season four. There are reports that Evan Peters had to ask Ryan Murphy to bring her back for season four. She was a bit of problem on set. Earlier rumors had Evan Peters even landing her role for "Coven" in the first place, but that rumor was debunked by Emma Roberts. It isn't clear if this new rumor about Emma and Evan is true or not though.

What do you think? Are you ready for another season of this FX series? Will you still tune in if its continues on for many more seasons?