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'American Horror Story' releases 'Head to Toe' teaser

"American Horror Story: Freak Show" keeps those teaser videos coming, and the latest one posted to the FX Youtube site Wednesday features that three-legged performer from the previous teaser. But instead of performing a high-flying aerial act, now we get treated to the contortionist version of the freak show.

'American Horror Story' has amped up the teaser videos and this is a still from their 'Head to Toe' teaser.
Youtube still

At first, the dangling feet almost look like hands reaching in, and then it becomes quite apparent that not only is this circus performer able to twist her body into rather unconventional positions, but that third appendage makes an appearance again. If it was just a simple case of contortion, that wouldn't be quite freaky enough for the folks at "American Horror Story," and it probably wouldn't be quite enough for fans either, to be honest. They know how to deliver what their fans are looking for, which is to say, something quite out of the ordinary.

AHS has been a hot fan favorite and has gotten plenty of love in recent years from the Emmy Awards in the miniseries category. At the most recent Emmy Awards, held Monday, Jessica Lange received yet another Best Actress in a Miniseries awards, and her castmate Kathy Bates took home a Best Supporting Actress Emmy as well, in one of the bigger upsets of the evening.

The show explores a different theme and different characters each season, starting with the "Murder House" and the iconic "Rubber Man" character in Season 1. Season 2 took us inside the insane asylum, and last season we delved into the world of a witch coven in New Orleans. This season's "Freak Show" will mark the last season Lange performs on the series as she has already renounced her retirement.

Befitting her status as a Hollywood legend and the presiding AHS diva, we have little doubt she'll go out with a bang. "American Horror Story: Freak Show" premieres October 8 on FX at 10 p.m. ET.

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