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'American Horror Story': Matt Bomer is stoked for freaky role

Matt Bomer will join the upcoming "American Horror Story: Freak Show" cast.
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

American Horror Story” fans are chomping at the bit for the Oct. 8 return of the Emmy-winning anthology series and one of Ryan Murphy’s favorite cast members is excited to be joining what is shaping up to be a stellar cast. Earlier today, Sept. 3, recent Emmy nominee Matt Bomer tweeted his AHS enthusiasm to his 300,000 plus Twitter followers saying, “So excited to come and visit the freak show! One of my favorite shows since season 1. #AHSFREAKSHOW.”

Who knows what kind of freakiness beautiful Bomer will bring to the AHS table? Murphy and Bomer have been very vocal about the fact that they love working together and Bomer has rocked every role the director-writer-showrunner has has given him including his heart wrenching portrayal of Felix Turner in the HBO film adaptation of Larry Kramer’s Tony Award-winning play, “The Normal Heart.” His raw and honest delivery of the reporter who was deeply in love and dying of AIDS earned Bomer a well-deserved first-time Primetime Emmy nod.

He also made an unforgettable impression on Murphy’s smash hit dramedy series, “Glee,” as Cooper Anderson, Blaine Anderson’s (Darren Criss) brother. Their incredible performance of Gotye’s “Somebody that I Used to Know” received heavy praise from fans and critics alike and "Glee" fans are vying for his return before this year's bittersweet series finale. He also made a brief and memorable appearance as Monty on “The New Normal.”

According to a Sept. 3 Eonline report, Bomer is pumped for the role saying, “The freakier the better!”

If anyone can take a challenge, Matt Bomer can. He captivated audiences for five seasons as complex con artist Neal Caffrey on “White Collar.” He sizzled on the exotic dancing stage (in a Navy suit to boot) in “Magic Mike,” and stunned as 105-year-old suicidal Henry Hamilton in “In Time” opposite Justin Timberlake.

“American Horror Story” has gained continual momentum over the course of its first three seasons with the most recent installment, “Coven,” pulling in the highest ratings ever for the series. Oscar winner Jessica Lange has anchored the popular series since its inception, adding two more Primetime Emmys to her impressive awards collection for her season one portrayal of cunning and creepy Constance Langdon and season three's “Coven” Supreme Fiona Goode.

AHS’ huge appeal is arguably driven by the bold and original characters brought brilliantly to life by the cast. There are simply no heroes or villains on television to compare with those found in the “Murder House,” “Asylum” or “Coven.”

Furthermore, Oscar winner Kathy Bates (who may as well be dubbed the Queen of Terror) couldn’t be a better fit for the series. Ultimately, repertory cast members Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy and Denis O’Hare have stretched themselves to all sorts of creative limits in tackling the unique and challenging roles Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and the AHS writers have conjured for them. Perhaps what is most impressive is the season-to-season transformations they bring with no hint of the former characters they have played.

In fact, it’s quite refreshing the same kind of cookie will never be cut, baked and pulled out of the American Horror Story" jar. The series concept alone defines originality and the complex layers of the characters defy stereotypes.

So far, Sarah Paulson is playing two-headed Siamese twins, Kathy Bates is the bearded lady, the world’s smallest woman is on board and newbie Michael Chiklis is the strong man. Evan Peters will play Jimmy Darling (such a lovely name), son of Bates and Chiklis. Jessica Lange, of course, will run the show as German ex-pat Elsa Mars.

What, pray tell, will blue-eyed Bomer be doing with the rest of “The Freaky Bunch?”

If Murphy sticks to his general rule that he likes to give his cast roles they’ve never played before, then it’s entirely possible Matt Bomer will play the direct opposite of mild-mannered and dreamy. He could very well play Evil Incarnate in some form or another. Consider how well hottie Dylan McDermott donned his serial-killing skin in “Asylum.” Maybe Bomer will be the clown killer or a really grotesque perfomer. The possibilities are endless, especially on a delightfully terrifying show like this.

The “Freak Show” will begin on Oct. 8 on FX.

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