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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' the new title for fourth season

American Horror Story: Freak Show set for fourth season
American Horror Story: Freak Show set for fourth season

Ryan Murphy went to Twitter to let his fans know the title for the fourth season of his horror series "American Horror Story." Murphy posted on March 24 that the next season of the series would be called "American Horror Story: Freak Show."

The first season was just called "American Horror Story" and dealt with a ghost story in a haunted house. The second season was "Asylum" and dealt with a serial killer and medical experimentation in an insane asylum years ago. The third season was subtitled "Coven" and was about witches, both in the old days of slavery and the present day.

This fourth season looks like it will be about carnivals, similar to the classic horror movie "Freaks." The series played with the idea of freaks in the "Asylum" season, but this one might be very uncomfortable to watch. Seeing how far Ryan Murphy has pushed the envelop in the past three seasons, this chapter of the series might be something to see.

This followed writer Douglas Petrie, who already said the story will take place in a "spooky carnival" and Murphy's previous announcement that the season will take place in the 1950s. It will also be the final season that Jessica Lange will take part in the "American Horror Story" series.

The show has brought back repeat actors, but Ryan Murphy has always tried to cast them in unique and different roles than their past ones. If the series is anything like the first three, "American Horror Story: Freak Show" will debut in October.