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'American Horror Story: Coven' finale: Top moments from 'Seven Wonders'

Say it isn't so. Last night "American Horror Story" ended its strongest season yet with "Seven Wonders," an episode that not only saw a return of Stevie Nicks, but also brought a new supreme into power. But in true "Horror Story" fashion, "Coven" left some pretty big plot holes unanswered. Overall, it was a still a wild and satisfying end that we will all unfortunately never get to revisit. Here are some of the top moments from "Seven Wonders."

The Return of the White Witch

Stevie Nicks made a triumphant return as he entered the halls of Miss Robichaux's Academy to sing "Seven Wonders" as each girl prepared for the upcoming test. For lack of a better word, it was a truly "magical" moment.

Burn The Witch, Part Two

Oh Myrtle, you just had to go out in full style, didn't you? It was a surprise to hear the red-wigged witch ask for Cordelia to have her burned at the stake again, but it made sense in the end. And oh, didn't Myrtle look fantastic in her red dress as she marched up that hill to the stake? A diva right to the very end.

A New Supreme

Okay, it was kind of predicable to have Cordelia become the next supreme. She was Fiona's daughter after all. But it must be said that Sarah Paulson really sold the idea, and looked absolutely radiant during her final scenes (especially after they fixed those creepy red eyes!). It was a truly fitting end, and one that actually left hope in the cards for the coven.

Mother and Daughter Say Good-Bye

Hands down the best moment had to be the final confrontation between Fiona and Cordelia, which managed to be heartfelt, and yet somehow suspenseful, especially when Fiona picked up that knife. But they did get to say good-bye, which is what they both probably wanted.

Speaking of Mama Witch

Did anyone really expect Fiona to be dead? Her plan was genius, but unfortunately the one wrinkle was Cordelia. Oh, and of course Papa, who so cheerfully taunted Fiona as she went to her own personal hell with the Axeman.

Random Thoughts

Who else laughed along with Cordelia as she made Queenie dance with a bit of mind control?

Okay, so we should come to expect stories that don't go anywhere, but at least let us know if the baby is okay.

So what was the whole point of having Joan and her son, and the witch hunters on? They were all kind of pointless in the grand scheme of things.

That nod to Nan was very touching, especially since Queenie was the one with the picture.

The only low point was the early demise of Misty, who is now stuck in her own personal hell, forever dissecting frogs and bringing them back to life.

What did you think of "Seven Wonders"? Was it a satisfying end to "American Horror Story: Coven"?

“American Horror Story: Coven” airs Wednesdays on FX. For a local listing in the McAllen or San Antonio area, click here.

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