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'American Horror Story Coven' finale preview: A deadly search teased

"American Horror Story Coven" is ready to wrap its season on FX, but a supreme must be crowned before the season ends. On Saturday, Jan. 25, Seriable shared the photos released for the episode, "American Horror Story Coven" episode 3x13 titled "The Seven Wonders." During the episode, the younger witches will have to perform seven tasks successfully. The one witch that is able to do that will be crowned as the new supreme. It is being teased that the identity of the new supreme will be a shock to everyone. There are four young witches battling for the crown, and not all of them will survive.

On the last episode, Fiona was killed by The Axeman before she could name her successor. That was a shock to fans of the series. The Axeman killed her because Cordelia revealed her Fiona's true plan to him. Now, a new supreme must be found without her help. Sarah Paulson said the following about Cordelia and her mother, according to From Inside The Box:

There is love there. It's not expressed in a typical mother/daughter fashion, but it is there. It's very interesting that that's the moment that she was able to take flight with her power in a new way.

With the identity of the next supreme being such a shock, is it possible that Cordelia is the next supreme? It has been expected that it is one of the four young witches will be called on as the next to lead the coven, but Cordelia taking on the crown would be a major twist as well.

However, it might be no one on the main cast. Ryan Murphy did tease that fans would see Stevie Nicks again this season, and she has not appeared for the second time yet. Could she return and be labeled the new supreme in the finale? What do you think? Who is the next one to rule?

"American Horror Story Coven" will air its finale on Wednesday night.

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