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'American Horror Story Coven' 3x12 preview: Ryan Murphy teases what's next

"American Horror Story Coven" will air an all-new episode on FX on Wednesday night, and now fans are being given a look at the next episode, "American Horror Story Coven" episode 3x12 titled "Go To Hell." On Saturday, Jan. 18, Seriable shared the photos released for the next episode.

Marie Laveau will face a cruel fate at the hands of her enemy on Coven.
Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images

During the next episode, Cordelia will regain her power of special sight, and she will have a vision about her mother's plans. She will show that she is Fiona's daughter on the next episode, but she could put herself in danger too.

The next supreme is getting closer to being crowned, and that means the girls will start to gain new powers. As for Queenie, she will go off to find Marie Laveau, and the journey will take her to hell in back.

Ryan Murphy also teased the episode to Entertainment Weekly, and Marie Laveau's fate was teased. He said the following:

Basically what she was going to do to Kathy Bates, which she did — Marie cut Delphine into many, many parts and threatened to scatter her around the city — Kathy does that same thing to Marie. Marie is still alive, but her body parts are scattered all over the city, perhaps never to be united again. The question in the next episode: Who can put this very glamorous Humpty Dumpty back together again?

Murphy also teased that fans will see Fiona and The Axeman plan to kill everyone. Zoe and Kyle do visit Epcot on the next episode, but Zoe could return before the end of the season. A new supreme will be named by the end of the season.

"American Horror Story Coven" will continue to air on Wednesday nights on FX.

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