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'American Horror Story Coven' 3x10 preview: Kathy Bates talks series

"American Horror Story Coven" is ready to return to FX from its winter break, and now fans are being given another look at the next episode. On Friday, Jan. 3, Spoilers Guide shared two new photos from behind the scenes of this week's episode, "American Horror Story" episode 3x10 titled "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks." The American Horror Story Facebook page also shared a new preview for the episode on Saturday.

Stevie Nicks will appear as herself on the episode, and she will be featured singing with Lily Rabe during the episode. Fiona brings the singer in to trick Misty Day. She is the character played by Rabe. The two photos show Rabe and Nicks together on set. The singer filmed her episode back in November, and she will be seen one other time on the series as well.

This season has featured the addition of Kathy Bates to the series, and she is looking forward to appearing next season as well. This season saw her working closely with Gabourey Sidibe. Bates said the following about working with the young actress on the series in an interview with Collider released on Saturday:

She was one of the actors that I was really hoping I got a chance to work with. I think she’s beautiful, and I just love her presence. She’s so natural. She’s so real. There isn’t a dishonest bone in her body. She’s always just real. And she’s so much fun to play with. Happily, I got to do a lot of fun things with her.

Ryan Murphy has not revealed what will happen next season on the series, but a carnival setting has been teased. "American Horror Story" will continue to air on Wednesday nights on FX.

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