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'American Horror Story' actress Emma Roberts says adulthood was a reality check

"American Horror Story" actress Emma Roberts says that she got  big reality check when she moved on her own.
Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Entertainment Industry Foundation

On Feb. 18 TV3 reports that "American Horror Story" actress Emma Roberts says that moving out on her own at the age of 18 was a reality check for her on what being an adult was really like.

Emma says that when she moved into her first apartment at the age of 18 she was shocked at all the small things that she now had to do for herself that most people take for granted, like buying toilet paper, washing her own clothes, and all those other things that are magically done for you as a kid. Her first thought one she realized that she had to do it all on her own now was that she just wanted her mom.

Roberts is now engaged to "American Horror Story" co-star Evan Peters who she met on the set of "Adult World." Emma says that she loves working with people she loves because it makes the day go by faster and not seem so much like work. Some members of Emma's family are worried about the upcoming wedding because the two are so young and have had issues in the past with violent tendencies.

Regardless, most adults would agree with Emma Roberts, being an adult isn't glamorous.

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