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American Hi-Fi to release 'Blood & Lemonade' 9/16, stream lead single 'Allison'

It's been a while since American Hi-Fi have released a new album - five years, in fact.

Album artwork
Rude Records

That break will finally come to an end in September, when the band will unleash Blood & Lemonade, their first album on new label home Rude Records.

Coming after 2009's Fight the Frequency, Blood & Lemonade promises to be a hard-charging, guitar-driven record along the lines of the group's 2011 debut.

Said singer/guitarist Stacy Jones about the album:

"We are proud to represent an era where musicians had to get in the garage with their friends, play cover songs, get in a van and play crappy gigs wherever they could, until they found their voice. Rock 'n' roll music at its best has, and will always be, created this way."

In addition to announcing the album, the band released its lead single, "Allison" - which should instantly strike a chord with longtime fans, as it's reminiscent of both the 2001 debut and 2003's The Art of Losing. Listen to the song on this page, and click here to purchase it from iTunes.

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