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American Girl dropping minority dolls? Fans outraged over decision

Kids, along with their parents, buy dolls at American Girl
Kids, along with their parents, buy dolls at American Girl
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

American Girl is looking at many upset parents who found out that four of the American Dolls that are expected to be retired are all minorities. According to ABC News on Wednesday, out of the four dolls to be discontinued the decision included two dolls that were racially diverse dolls. Ivy of Asian descent and Cecile of African descent where listed. When people found out that all the dolls were going to be cut, there was a strong response of customer outrage.

Parents were upset about the loss of the racially diverse dolls and a change to the historical character collection. Leaving no indication that the dolls would be changed up or new American Girl dolls would be released, there was a massive amount of confusion why these four particular dolls would be discontinued.

After all the customer concerns addressed to American Girl, the company has addressed the issue with their fan base and there is a logical reason for the retirement of the dolls. Apparently the four dolls were chosen because they are each are part of the three doll pairs in the collection. The move allows the collection to be changed up and new dolls can be introduced for purchase.

American Girl has been under fire before with the dolls that are being discontinued being side-kicks to other dolls instead of character in their own right. Parents have been concerned for some time about having better representation of the vast diversity that makes up America. It seems the company has listened to the concerns and have decided to move away from the character-friend strategy within the line.

This new line of American Girl dolls appears to offer up a doll for every type of girl and address the concerns of diversity. American Girl not only sells the dolls, but also is a big part of pop culture with movies, books and other merchandise that young ladies love to purchase and enjoy.