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Americans for Prosperity and the battle for liberty and freedom

Americans for Prosperity–AFP–is a grassroots organization dedicated to educating citizens about economic policy and encouraging them to become active in the public policy process. The organization consists of devoted leaders and activists who advocate for policies that champion the principles of fiscal and regulatory restraint and entrepreneurship.

AFP strongly supports curtailed government spending and decreased taxes in order to stop the government's encroachment into the economic lives of American citizens. They also point out evidence of fraud, abuse, and waste, and encourage the removal of unnecessary barriers to opportunity, such as burdensome regulations and unnecessary red tape visited on entrepreneurs who are striving for personal success. Additionally, the organization plays a vital role in holding legislators accountable, particularly when they say one thing, but do another after they have safely won their elections.

The role of citizens

Citizen activists are the heart and soul of AFP, and the organization helps them to make their voices heard in public policy issue campaigns. In addition, AFP educates Americans regarding where their elected officials stand on specific issues and also builds coalitions of national grassroots organizations on both local and state levels. It is partnerships such as these that help organizations like AFP reach the aforementioned goals.

South Carolina–AFP's 35th chapter

A new AFP office in Greenville, South Carolina was recently opened, and a target date of June 1st, 2014 has been established for the opening of a Mount Pleasant office. The South Carolina Chapter is run by State Director Dave Schwartz, who has spent his career championing working taxpayers and advocating for conservative policies. He is proud to offer South Carolina taxpayers the strongest conservative organization in the state.

When working as state director of AFP’s Virginia chapter, Schwartz led the charge against ObamaCare and managed the extraordinarily successful pilot project of a field program designed to register thousands of new voters. The program is now being replicated by other state chapters and is enjoying nationwide success. Schwartz has appeared on CBS, NBC, Fox News, and in publications such as the Richmond Times Dispatch, USA Today, New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Politico, and he is dedicated to making the Palmetto State a better place in which to live, work, and raise children.

Prior to holding positions at AFP, Schwartz was an aide to Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD) and Governor Bob Ehrlich (R-MD) but stated in a candid interview that he “left the Hill” to pursue far-reaching success with an organization associated with long-term, broad-ranged goals, as opposed to the temporary successes associated with working for political candidates. In that same interview, he expressed his belief that what unites approximately 60% of US citizens, regardless of their political affiliations, are liberty, freedom, and opportunity for everyone to succeed in their chosen field. Capitalism allows individuals to pursue their dreams and enjoy personal success, which are not partisan issues, but issues that concern all American citizens. There is no “R” or “D” in “AFP” because what the latter stands for is something that goes beyond one's personal political beliefs or opinions about specific legislators.

A growing army of activists

Over 17,000 activists have already joined the fight in the Palmetto State and it is such individuals who are taking action daily to influence decision makers, advance capitalism, support the free market movement, and champion individual opportunity. Members participate in activities such as calling Congressmen, writing letters to their local editors, attending AFP events, petitioning their legislators to uphold freedom and liberty, and gathering with fellow activists to work out new strategies so that they can make the most difference in the fight against big government on both national and local levels.

Passionate about grassroots movements, Schwartz is proud to be at the helm of the South Carolina Chapter of AFP. He lives in Mount Pleasant with his lovely wife Casey and they are the proud parents of a two-year old daughter named Darby.