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American floral designs fit corporate arrangement rather than home decoration

flower arrangement
flower arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

As you MAY know there are various types of floral arrangements in the world such as European designs, American arrangement, Japanese Ikebana and some other contemporary arrangements etc. etc. If we compare European, Japanese and American floral arrangements, we can find following differences and each style has its own feature as mentioned below:

Ikebana Arrangement
California Flower Art Academy

Size of most American floral arrangements are generally big compared with European and Japanese arrangements. Not only the size of floral designs but also the size of home, drinks, portion of food and even human body is quite big in the United States. Once the overall size becomes large, giving priority to overall looking is much more important than working on details of each part. When making flower arrangements, it is not necessary to do detail oriented performance if the total size is quite big.

On the other hand size of Japanese floral arrangements is generally small. This can be said not only on traditional floral arrangement called Ikebana but also on Japanese modern floral designs largely influenced by European arrangement. If the size of arrangement remains small, detail oriented craftsmanship is badly required to work on floral designing.

European flower arrangement falls in between American and Japanese floral arrangements. The size of European arrangement is not so big as American arrangement. However it is usually same or larger than typical Japanese arrangements. When it comes to preciseness and detail oriented performance, European arrangement is quite well balanced. Namely size is said to be quite ideal and detail oriented craftsmanship is widely adopted when working on European floral decorations.

Now talking about corporate arrangements. Unlike individual arrangement displayed to make home decorations, corporate arrangements are made to decorate reception of companies or office buildings, entrance hall, front desk and banquet room of hotels, cashier’s counter of restaurant, bank’s teller counter, country club’s restaurant as well as reception office of luxurious apartment and business complex office building whatsoever.

Usually the budget for above mentioned corporate arrangements is established by general affairs department or administrative office of each corporation on an annual basis. And therefore the amount of expenses spent for corporate floral arrangements is much higher than individual arrangement made as a hobby. Needless to say the quantities of flowers used for such arrangements are quite high volume and the size of arrangements are usually very large especially when displaying in the entrance hall of hotels and reception desk of office building.

Viewing above, large scale of American style floral arrangements are welcome by corporations. Especially gorgeous vertical designs do fit the concept of corporate arrangements.

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