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American Flag Rescued by Trash Collector’s Good Deed – Nation Applauds Him

With so many stories swirling around the nation’s water coolers and at America’s dinner tables concerning political whack jobs and daily liberal political attacks on the country’s protections good news is hard to come by. But in Oregon, everyone can literally take a refreshing breath of patriotism and acknowledge a garbage collector who, according to Breitbart is an American hero!

Garbage Man Jeremy Fischer Rescues America Flag
Photo Credit - American Overlook

That’s because when Jeremy Fischer saw that the stars and stripes had been blown off a homeowner’s pole he was passing on his regular garbage route, he decided to retrieve it and folded it neatly. He then walked over to the homeowner’s porch and set it down on the porch.

Fischer’s good and noble deed was actually seen by a neighbor of the person whose flag had blown off of the pole. With an equal amount of patriotism in her heart Nancy Neet went to the Facebook page of his employer Pride Disposal Company and posted a “Shout Out” to Jeremy for his good deed.

Breitbart reported that she wrote, “I noticed my neighbor’s flag had blown off its pole and when the garbage man pull up he noticed the flag on the ground, and respectfully picked it up, and folded it in a Military fashion and carefully placed it on a post. No one else saw this going on, except me and God.”

As it turns out, now her remarks and a video of his good deed has gone viral around the nation and it has generated a great deal of attention and heartfelt thanks for the former boy scout’s patriotic actions.

The sanitation worker has taken the attention and his good deed all in stride. He humbly commented that, “There’s a lot of sacrifice, a lot of hope, a lot of other stuff that is the American flag”, and continued, ”I figured since so many people have died for that the least I could do was pick it up,” according to Breitbart.

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