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American flag pants: School has no flag for National Anthem, salute man's pants

No flag? No problem!
No flag? No problem!

When you are at your wit's end and desperate for something that will work, you resort to measures that you never thought would come about. Such was the case of a school that didn't have an American flag to salute for the National Anthem, so they used the pants of someone in the crowd, per Bleacher Report on Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014.

Not a lot about the picture in question is known, but it was originally posted to Reddit by well-known user dbeast04. That picture is now starting to go viral.

Some background research doesn't show a whole lot of info about it either, but it's blatantly obvious as to what is going on.

The looks of the picture make it appear as if a high school basketball game is preparing to start, and they are having the National Anthem sung before the tip-off. In respect, everyone is looking for an American flag to salute or stare at while they hold their hand over their heart.

The only problem is that there doesn't seem to be an American flag for them to salute so they did the next best thing.

A guy standing at the top of the bleachers has on his American flag pants, and that meant he was worthy of being the focus during the National Anthem.

God bless America.

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