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American exchange student gets stuck in giant stone vagina

An American student in Tuebingen, Germany, became an international embarrassment this week when he somehow got himself stuck inside a giant stone vagina statue.

New York Magazine reported June 23 that it took 22 rescue workers to get the exchange student out of the massive marble structure that was fashioned into the shape of a woman's vagina.

According to the local fire department's squad leader, the 20-year-old student had attempted to take an "unusal" photo from within the sculpture.

"The young man had tried to pose for an unusual photo and climbed into the artwork," the squad leader said.

The rescue chief described the extraction process with a sense of humor, noting that a "forceps delivery was not necessary."

Apparently, the one of the exchange student's legs got stuck in the giant stone vagina, according to NBC News.

The young man needed a bit of help getting back out, however. And where was the photographer, the guy who would have taken the "unusual" photo? Although it is uncertain about his whereabouts during the exchange student's extraction, a guy claiming to be a friend posted photos of his buddy stuck in the giant stone vagina to Reddit, calling it "statuetory rape."

Quite a few edgy jokes follow, including lines about being "reborn," "rebirth," and the student's "proud parents." One commenter noted that the guy "presented head first" and wasn't a "breech."

And then there were the many lubricant jokes...

The statue, titled "Making Love," has been at Tuebingen University in Germany since 2001 and is valued at $173,000.

The stuck student was removed from the violated statue without harming the vagina in any way. Except perhaps for the unwanted exposure...

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