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American eshop aims to end slave labor via modest style

In an industry that has often been associated with cut-throat tendencies and practices, The Modest Shop debuts as a fashion entity taking realistic steps to end inhumane treatment in the garment industry.

Founded by American Muslim convert, Mariana Sadeel Allam, in New York, The Modest Shop curates clothing and accessories with deeper consciousness and awareness, stating:

We selectively choose particular brands to bring you unique items that are trending in the modest style fashion scene and are slave-labor free--from the creation perspective. Those items will be marked with 'SLF' This is our first step to bringing you conscious modest style and we hope it is yours too!

....brands that make you feel good about shopping!

The online boutique offers items in attractive categories such as Eclectic Scarves, Handcrafted Jewelry, and Designer Garments at a reasonable price point. An added bonus is that shipping cost is already included in the listed prices.

Featured designers for the modesty conscious eCommerce endeavor include Sweet Modesty, Couture Swim N' Sport, and Zeba Ramos.

Here is more information on the shop's premise and what they are calling a '1st Step' iniative:

Our '1st step' initiative is to bringing you conscious modest style clothing and accessories that are reduced in 'Slave-Labor'! When we say '1st Step', we mean bringing awareness of the slave-labor through the garment construction and customer direct purchasing power. We understand the awareness is at its infancy, but growing! We also know that due to the penetrated and widely inhumane exploitation acts that have been happening for years and years, it is hard to actually get an item that is completely 'Slave-Free Labor', 'Chemical-Free', Animal-Cruelty Free' and any other type of abuse-free. But, we must start making change somewhere; with the garment makers and the customer. This is what we will bring to the MODSHOP; items that are Slave-Free Labor reduced from the garment construction point, but it doesn't mean there could be corruption in other areas of the clothing and accessories making process like when cotton is picked--cheap labor is often used at this stage. To make clothing paying fair-labor and buying a garment from a designer or shop that is taking that extra care is a '1st Step'.

All models featured on The Modest Shop website appear to be rocking al-hijab.

International shipping to Canada, UK, and Australia is slotted to occur on March 1st, 2014.

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