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American Beauty Car Show in Estonia

The small community of Haapsalu, Estonia was recently bubbling with excitement. The American Beauty Car Show was taking place at the Haapsalu Castle. This was not your average car show! Haapsalu is a quaint seaside location known for its spa hotels and pleasant beach. Formed in 1279, Haapsalu is well-known for historic and maritime lore.

One of the more popular legends of this delightful town filled with narrow cobblestone streets and a miniature town hall, is the legend of the white lady. The story suggests that Haapsalu Castle is haunted by the white lady who appears in the tower window during an autumn full moon.

Classic American-built cars like 1934 Lincoln Victoria, 1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix and 1929 Ford A “Silver Bullet” were displayed in full regalia inside the historic gates to Haapsalu Castle. As the crowd strolled in music by Arch Enemy could be heard from the stage across the courtyard. Vendors circled the main grounds and the cars were displayed in a pristine manner. Each one was roped off with a style to protect the automotive masterpiece. The automotive artistry filled the courtyard, surrounding hillside and spread behind the medieval castle walls.

The vast array of classic cars, nestled within the walls of a magnificent medieval location was truly a breath-taking blend of historic artistry. The event presented many musicians, excellent food and a classic car parade through the streets of Haapsalu, Estonia. Many revelers were riding in the trucks, or piled in car trunks waving American and Estonian flags as the parade moved through the city streets of Haapsalu.

This event was brilliantly orchestrated and the pristine classic cars were displayed in a creative manner allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of each vehicle from all angles. Truly, this event offered an excellent photo opportunity for everyone. After attending many classic car shows through the years, in Canada and the USA, the American Beauty Car Show is one every classic car enthusiast should experience.

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