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American audiences turn noses up at Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on TV

Michael Sam and boyfriend share the happy moment together.
Michael Sam and boyfriend share the happy moment together.

On Saturday, May 10th, Michael Sam became the first openly gay man drafted by the NFL when he was chosen to join the St. Louis Rams. Obviously, he was chosen because of his talent, not because of his sexual orientation.

But, boy oh boy, were people heated about him "daring" to kiss his boyfriend on national TV. Some folks were absolutely livid. Many felt it was just sinful. Others felt he should have been "respectful" and done it privately without the world watching.

Honestly, I find other things much more disturbing and unnecessary in our culture than a man kissing someone he loves. For example, what is it with the recent obsession of half-naked women bent over from the back to show off their massive butts? These women wear thongs and booty shorts for the world to see, yet they aren't touted as villains. They're often glorified and put on pedestals. Little girls even try to imitate them. Or, what about grown women, and even some young girls, twerking and gyrating on guys and other girls? Just Google a twerk video or search for one on YouTube; it looks like two people having sex with clothes on. How about the abundance of fist fight videos on social media and on reality TV shows? Just recently, the girl who hit a another girl in the back with a shovel has become an internet sensation. People find her being assaulted amusing and okay. Also, I know I'm not the only one seeing young dudes with sagging pants showing off their dusty, dirty drawers (something that originated from male prisons to signify the welcoming of another man sexually). Or, how mainstream media and music glorify doing drugs, disrespecting women, having sex with multiple partners, and all kinds of junk. I can't be the only one who sees all of these things. Yet, Michael Sam being openly gay is ruining our, I don't agree with that sentiment.

Seeing a man kiss another man on TV is not going to make all young boys across the land homosexual, and neither will seeing two women kissing on television make young girls lesbian. I've seen the footage; Sam wasn't groping or shoving his tongue down his partner's throat. I would also like to ask: Did anyone pitch a fit when straight couples shared their affections on television? No.

What disturbs those against Sam's actions is the fact that they focus solely on the sexual act of him being with a man, although clearly that is private. When you see straight couples, do you only focus on them being engaged in a sexual act? I would hope not. If anything, I think we need to focus on the fact that as a man, Sam is openly sharing his emotions; he cried because he was elated, and he kissed someone he loves. Today, many boys are taught to not show emotion and to not cry because that's being a "punk."

Sam's controversial kiss can be a teachable moment. For one, it's important that we learn to accept, not judge, people for who they are. Sam is a person. I'm not aware of him being a hooligan, terrorist, or criminal. So, why are people casting him out solely because he's gay? Also, if you're going to thump your Bibles and picket; understand this. Homosexuality is not the only sin mentioned in the Bible. We all sin. No sin is greater than the next. We're all imperfect and fall short, so who are we to judge?

Furthermore, some of the reactions that I've seen belittling Michael Sam's choice to show public affection towards his boyfriend infer that they wish for people to suppress who they really are for the sake of not being judged by larger society. I'll leave on this note...maybe if society was more accepting of homosexuality, or differences in general, many people wouldn't feel the need to be on the "down-low" while married and/or in a serious relationship with a person of another sex. Maybe some people wouldn't feel the need to bully those who don't fit traditional roles, all in an attempt to boost their manhood or womanhood. Just saying.

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