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American art since 1945

Visitor in a NYC gallery
Visitor in a NYC gallery
Photo by Jessica Hromas/Getty Images

This collection of pieces covers modern American art and culture from postwar American abstract expressionism and the Cold War right through to the year 2000 with its plethora of video and technological advancements,
providing readers with a context of the evolution of artistic exploration within the context of major political, cultural, and sociological trends and themes that have emerged in the United States since World War II.

The period from 1945 through the 1990's organizes these tends around ten central areas of thought. The beat generation, American avant-garde, reduction/formalism/objectivity, process and materials, sculpture, politics, the revival of painting, image and identity, the figure, and technology.

Writings about art from this period can be categorized into three sections—artists, critics, and context—giving readers a succinct appraisal of the major issues that the artists' themes raise, and helps them connect the worlds of artists with critics writing about the art they made.

Included in the following pieces from the visual arts of this era, to establish relationships and meaning between the issues and connections raised by the work of these artists to ideas and thoughts that were gaining in popularity within the public at the time that the art was made.

Please join me in a broad overview over the next ten weeks, while I explore the ten ideas that were prominent during this time period in Art History.

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