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American Airlines tweet: 14 y/o girl arrested for Al Qaida tweet to airline

An American Airlines tweet has gone viral and the teenager who sent it out has been arrested. Evidently trying to get some kind of attention, a 14-year-old girl from Rotterdam sent out a threatening tweet to American Airlines. On April 14, NBC News reported that the girl wrote that she was part of Al Qaida and she told the airline that she was planning something "big" on June 1.

Naturally a message of this nature is taken very seriously and the airline didn't hesitate to investigate. Despite the girl's subsequent messages trying to explain that she was "just a kid" and "making a joke," the girl was arrested by police and is being investigated. So far, police have not found anything incriminating about the young girl and she has not been charged.

The American Airlines tweet caused quite an uproar on Twitter according to USA Today. Hundreds of people were tweeting about the stupidity of this young girl, many referring to her as an idiot. Not long after things went viral, the girl showed up at a local police station on her own account. She was accompanied by her mother when police arrested her.

The girl seemed very sorry but that doesn't lessen the severity of what she did. Making a threat -- a terrorist threat -- is quite serious and will always be taken seriously no matter how old, sorry, or stupid the person making those threats might be. Some think that the girl should face very serious consequences for her actions. What do you think? Should this girl be forced to do some type of punishment like community service? Should her punishment be more intense?

The American Airlines tweet caused Twitter to shut down the girl's account. It's unknown whether or not she will be able to rejoin Twitter. If she does, she should probably get herself a new user name because people? Don't like her too much.

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