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America the Beautiful - an informative and exposing truth

America the Beautiful, a shockingly revealing documentary by Darryl Roberts, is everything and more you expect from a social documentary. It begins by exploring the inner workings of the modeling industry; particularly that of the runway.Upon looking into the glitz, glamour, and dangerously thin world that is runway modeling, director Darryl Roberts discovers much that will shock, and appall audiences. For instance, the use of a twelve year old model named Gerren Taylor, who has traveled down many runways in less then appropriate attire for a child her age.

The inventive cover of the documentary.

The film continues to go in depth into the media, and their use of sex to sell products, mainly, to market their magazine. Roberts conducts multiple interviews with the heads of several big name magazines to learn their opinion on this use of sex in advertising, and how they think it effects children, as well as adult women. He also ventures into both middle and high schools to learn children`s ideas on the matter.

Other areas of interest in the documentary include a riveting dive into the makeup industry, which uncovers many disturbing facts about everyday products, and how they effect the consumer. Also, as the film progresses he shows the opinions of men and women from different walks of life, on the desire to be beautiful. Roberts continues to touch on capitalism, plastic surgery, eating disorders, and many other things effecting the American woman today.

For a totally unbiased, gripping look into America, and our unrelenting fight to achieve ultimate beauty- this documentary is just that. It provides the viewer with many unique and important facts that many are unaware of. Anyone with an interest in the truth, will definitely find this documentary to be hard-hitting. For more information on this documentary such as where to purchase, please see:


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